Training and Certification

.Our members are trained to meet the NFPA standards and are required to complete the Level 1 Firefighter Program through the Prince Edward Island Fire Fighters Association (PEIFFA) Fire School. The majority of our members have also completed their Medical First Responder (MFR) training as well. Some of our members are instructors at the PEIFFA Fire School.

We participate in many additional courses:

  1. Driver Training
  2. Confined Space
  3. Hazmat
  4. Rope Rescue
  5. Ice Rescue
  6. Thermal Imaging
  7. Vehicle Extrication
  8. Pump Operator
  9. Forest Fire Suppression
  10. Fire Attack
  11. A Breed Apart
  12. Electrical Hazard Awareness
  13. Incident Management
  14. Making A Difference
  15. Oxygen Administration
  16. Basic Emergency Management
  17. Fire Service Management
  18. Emergency Site Management