Fire Chief's Message

District 2911

Welcome and thank you for visiting the East River Fire Company website. We provide service to District 2911, the fifth largest district on PEI which covers (300 km sq) from Glenfinnan to Head of Hillsborough, St. Teresa to the North Shore and Canavoy to Tenmile House. We average a total of 1300 hrs on emergency calls, 2000 hrs training plus an additional 900 hrs of volunteer community service.

East River Fire Company has been an exceptional example of community spirit since construction began in February 2005. An average of 25 volunteers from the community reported for work each day under the direction of our contractor, Paul Douglas. The hall was completed in 21 days, just like an old fashioned barn raising through community efforts. From the inexperienced to the very skilled, all were welcome to participate and be a part of our build project.

The spirit of cooperation continues today. We are a fully volunteer department that accepts members of all skills and abilities. Our mission from day one has been to provide training and education for our members who joined as a way to "Give Back" to our communities. Although changing interests, job requirements and lifestyle changes are always a challenge for maintaining a strong membership, we have been very fortunate to successfully recruit new members each year allowing us to maintain a roster of 28-30 members.

Training has been a significant part of our way of life since inception. Our members are trained to meet the NFPA standards and are required to complete the Level 1 Firefighter Program through the Prince Edward Island Fire Fighters Association (PEIFFA) Fire School. The majority of our members have also completed their Medical First Responder (MFR) training as well. Some of our members are instructors at the PEIFFA Fire School.