District 2911 Fire Hall

Built in 21 Days

East River Fire Department was formed by a huge volunteer effort. The construction began on February 3, 2005, when the bulldozers first broke ground. The 45 by 120 foot building, with five bay doors, was fully completed and ready for operation on March 24, 2005.

The construction of the East River Fire Hall was like a replay of the old days when a farmer needed a barn built and the community would all come together to quickly bring it into existence. In their case, volunteers came from all over the Fire District and helped make their Fire Hall a reality. The outside of the building was completed by February 26, in only twenty-one days, as they did not work on Sundays.

They had men, women, trades people, farmers, fishermen, full-time workers and anyone else who wanted to come join in the construction. Weekends would bring out even more helpers. On Saturday, February 12, there were twenty-seven volunteers putting up the rafters, which by that evening were all set in place, strapped and ready for the roofing.

From the beginning, to the time when the final nail was put in place, a very dedicated kind of community support was displayed. Men and women both, from across the district would take turns making hot meals for those working on the structure. There were ten to twelve people who contributed their time faithfully every day from the beginning of construction to the finishing of it. There were others who could only be there occasionally, but nevertheless, everyone still worked together as a team. On March 31, 2005 at 12:01 a.m. they were ready to serve the approximately 1500 residents of District 2911 that represents the second largest rural Fire District on Prince Edward Island.

On Sunday July 17th, 2005, at the Grand Opening of the East River Fire Company, Clara Sauer who had donated the land on which the new Fire Hall is built cut the ribbon.

Some of the helpers were also Firefighters, and they were taking their IFSTA Essentials of Firefighting, 4th Edition, Level One Firefighting course in the evenings, after working all day on the building. By April 4, 2005, twelve Firefighters had completed the course.